Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

Honest Review Silisponge (Silicone Sponge )

Silisponge first introduced and popularized by huda beauty, huda or her original name Huda Kattan is a beauty blogger and enterperneur after feeling the benefits and experience sharing her many beauty bloggers who tried and liked silisponge

Now, turn to me who wanted to try his description of his products in the pictures below

I like it at this product because it is easy to blend its foundation, save for silisponge not absorb such beauty bleander foundation, did not make the results look cakey, her flawless good results

The photo below is the face I use a foundation of a make over and to apply it using silisponge
Makeup List :
Foundation :Makeover
Sponge :Silicone Sponge bought from store instagram :@beautymakeupready
Highlighter :Wetnwild megaglo precious petal bought from store instagram :@beautymakeupready
Lipstick :Wardah Longlasting Matte No.10

This product is in addition favored by huda beauty, this product is also favored by jeffreestar and beauty tati many teachers prefer and recommend silisponge

This product is a must have if you want to save the usage of makeup you because for me the price is quite expensive makeup, especially foundation
I prefer silispone this when compared with beauty blender because the price of beauty blender is quite expensive and beauty blender also absorbs foundation so sparing no foundation if silisponge these products do not absorb a foundation other than the beauty blender difficult to be cleaned while silisponge very easy to clean you can simply wash with water

Silisponge drawback is the inability to reach small areas such as the nose on the left and bottom right and the eyes as well

I bought it in the store silisponge instagram: beautymakeupready price of Rp 50,000 to use the voucher code: ANGELBLOG10 when transacting to get a discount of 10%

I recommend this shop online because of the trusted and the item price is also affordable and all products sold original

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