Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

Honest Review Colourpop Ultra Matte On Asian/Tan Skin

Who is not familiar colourpop?

Brand independent of the United States is indeed a good and its price is also affordable

Colourpop also been reviewed and recommended by the beauty of his popular vlogger KathleenLights

One of the best-selling products of colourpop is ultra matte colourpop

The thing I like about colourpop ultra matte lip does is make me look bigger and voluminous as his lips trend Kylie Jenner

But the final results of its matte and dry it can not I change've tried a wide range of lip balm in scrubs use vaseline still remains after he turned matte dry her severe lips taste of his own kayak crack the lips of her fine lines on lips also evident

Prices are 120,000 lipstick I bought at the store instagram: beautymakeupready

I bought this colourpop 2 ultra matte lip shade that bumble and beeper both Brazilians color best seller and bumble his usual always sold out at many online shop

The photo below is a hands on colourpop shade swatch bumble which is under shade beeper

Waterproof? The bottom photo is a swatch colourpop after I give water and I rubbed my hand and lipstick still stay in place

Favorite shade for me from ultra matte colourpop series are bumble his color like red is no hint of her pink, while her color purple beeper was no hint of his gray but when I use to make my face look pale

You can see the photos I put colourpop bumble ultra matte shade below

Furthermore shade swatch photo beeper on my lips there can be seen clearly how dry and crack me for wearing ultra matte colourpop

Once I remove colourpop matte lip mention this because I already had made my lips so dry after removing his lips I feel pain and tenderness so personally I do not recommend this product

Colourpop ultra matte Rating: 2/5
Thanks for reading the blog I wait for criticism and suggestions

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