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$100 bath Laboratoire Remede product trial size,worth it ?

hello all,this is my first time write the article use english language so i am sorry if i wrong and correct me if i am wrong

so,lets talk about the brand Laboratoire Remede based from official website Laboratoire Remede focuses on advanced anti-aging beauty "therapies" that perfectly combine science, nature and the senses. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, powerful combinations of botanical active ingredients and refined textures, we have created avant-garde solutions for the skin concerns of the most demanding and active lifestyles.
The LABORATOIRE REMÈDE difference is found within a trilogy of compounds: Green Defense, SRT - 21, and skin type - specific Technoblends. These three technologies work synergistically to restore skin balance for optimal function and appearance.Long known for exceptional customization, recognizing no two faces or complexions are the same, LABORATOIRE REMÈDE has created a dynamic skincare system that allows for customized regimens for each individual. Discover the LABORATOIRE REMÈDE expert therapies and experience complementary, innovative formulas designed to address specific skin concerns, while promoting stable, healthy and youthful-looking skin. LABORATOIRE REMÈDE

Thats it what i have 5 type product Bath set ConditionerActiv,Facial wash,Body countur,Facial bars.Body wash,Shampoo activ

Developed by innovative French chemists, Laboratoire Remède‘s rejuvenating potions combine modern science with botanical ingredients. Our select Bath Set deeply indulges your hair and body and makes an indelible impression when presented as a gift.

I already use 3 from 6 product i get so i only have 3 photo product and review

1)Conditioner Activ

Laboratoire Remède Conditioner Actif invigorates the scalp leaving hair visibly fuller, shinier and softer to the touch. Made with a powerful mix of sweet lupine complex and orange and mint oils, it provides essential nourishment for overstyled or stressed strands. Use after Shampoo Actiffor maximum conditioning benefits.

The claim for the product is revitalizing and volume enchanching,I like this product is smell really good,content of the product is 40ml / 1.3 fl.oz,The packaging is simple with white and grey in detail,after i use this product i feel my hair smooth,soft and smell good from natural ingredients

2)Body Contour

This product claim this body contour will firming moisture lotion
 Instruction for use :Apply a liberal layer of Body Contour to moisturize,firm and tone.For maximum effect,exfoliate and prime skin with body wash
what i feel after apply this product is my skin feel soft,moisturize,supple and smell good all of the product i review have smell same which i like it


Body wash Laboratoire Remède Body Wash is a rich lathering shower gel designed to keep skin soft and supple with exfoliating beads and pine, rosemary, lavender and peppermint essential oils.

Overall,this product is worth it in my opinion if you have dry skin like me and dont forget you buy the brand too cause this product look like luxury or expensive product
All of the result product is claim is work well for me

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