Sabtu, 19 November 2016

DIY Lemon to Brighten Face: Scrub, Mask and toner

Hello love today I want to share DIY lemon
Do you know DIY? DIY is the Do It Yourself
So today we want to make their own skincare
Lemon is one of the fruits that help to brighten the skin and its affordable price
Lemon also contains vitamin C which is higher that is useful to brighten the face
Today I want to share three lemon DIY is scrubs, masks and toners

What do you need :
Olive oil
Glass containers

1) DIY Scrub: prepare lemon and honey, lemon divided into two further dab of honey and apply to face with evenly wait for 3 minutes and then wash with warm water

2) DIY Toner: There are two toner can we make use of lemon

*) Prepare a glass container Squeeze lemon pour into a glass container and add the contents of his half clean water to fill half of its container and store in the refrigerator
you can use it every other night, and your face will look brighter
*) Cut the lemon in half and rub lemon directly to the face as a toner and then proceed to the next stage of your skincare

3) DIY Mask: If you have dry skin, you are obliged to try DIY mask to moisturize and brighten the face

Prepare the olive oil, lemon and honey each of these ingredients 2 tablespoons of mix and mix all ingredients apply this mask on the face for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water

I've tried DIY skincare using lemon and proved my face becomes brighter, moist and smooth

Besides this DIY can also remove blackheads, dark spots and acne scars

DIY's all safe, natural and do not contain any chemicals

Thanks for read my blog post
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